A Deep Dive into Business Credit and the Credit-based Funding Matrix ( Funding Basics Episode 4)

Jul 30, 2023

In the intricate world of business finance, understanding the factors that influence credit approval can prove pivotal. With businesses always in search of funds, acquiring business credit swiftly and without having to delve into extensive details like income verification, operational history, or personal credit reporting has become a quest. But how do we achieve this? A deep dive into the credit-based funding matrix and the secrets behind the lender's decisions is bound to enlighten us.

Laying the Foundations for Business Credit

A unique product in the financial market is making waves for its ability to extend a credit line ranging from $50,000 to $100,000 or even more to startups or established businesses within days. The best part? No income verification, no need to prove time in business, and no reports on personal credit are required. Understanding the credit-based lending matrix and the lenders' considerations is key to harnessing the full potential of this product, enhancing the chances of qualification, and fostering positive relationships with lenders.

Demystifying the Lending Matrix

What do underwriters seek in business credit applications? The answer lies in the presentation of facts that align with their expectations. The lending matrix provides an insightful overview of the different types of funding available based on credit. The underwriters consider four factors when determining qualification for unsecured credit: derogatory items, credit availability, credit history, and credit usage. Let's break down these factors and uncover possible solutions for potential issues.

Factors in Credit-Based Funding and Potential Solutions

The first consideration is negative or derogatory items on the credit report. These could be a concern, especially for larger funding amounts. The second element is the utilization percentage, which compares the balance to the credit limit. This issue can be resolved by paying down the balance, requesting a limit increase, or becoming an authorized user on a high-limit credit card. The age of the credit file is the third element, which allows for flexibility in utilization with older files. This can be rectified by becoming an authorized user on a seasoned credit line.

Utilizing Authorized User Accounts and Compensating Factors

Relying heavily on authorized user accounts may invite caution. As underwriters and FICO become aware of this practice, they may remove these accounts from calculations or tweak scoring algorithms. Yet authorized user accounts can offset calculations for factors like the age of the file and utilization. Addressing utilization issues with compensating factors, such as high credit limits, is another potential solution. Furthermore, getting into an inquiry removal program can help with dealing with inquiry problems.

Understanding what lenders look for when qualifying for business credit is crucial. By comprehending and correctly interpreting credit reports, one can discern what they qualify for. A handy tool to assist in this process is the client credit profile. By downloading and using the credit-based Matrix, individuals and businesses can get a clearer understanding of lender requirements, enhancing their chances of securing much-needed business credit. Remember, knowledge is power, especially when navigating the labyrinth of business finance.

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